“As a woman who suffers from severe chronic pain and depression, I was afraid that my pain would become unmanageable during my pregnancy. I was blessed to receive Rolfing treatments from Torrey. The depth of her knowledge, her healing touch, and her innate compassion immediately put both my physical and emotional body at ease. In particular, at the end of my third term, she gave me deep hip work. I am convinced the treatment helped me to have a fast and easy labor. Torrey’s genuine empathy and desire to alleviate my pain are testament not just to her high level of skill, but her attentive heart.”     -Kathryn Visser, Boulder Colorado

“After a tough car crash I was left with a bulging disc in my lower back that created unbearable sciatic nerve pain. Merely touching my toes became excruciating. Torrey created an immediate and long term plan comprised of a Rolfing series and personalized yoga instruction to readjust my body and give me the knowledge to increase my core strength by myself at home for years to come. She tailored the sessions to my issue, and with her help I have been pain free for two years. I couldn’t recommend Torrey Trover enough for bodily readjustment and for learning about how to optimize your body’s potential.”    – Orion Lazo, Boulder Colorado

“I came to Torrey nine months ago because I was suffering from months of intolerable TMJ. I could hardly open my jaw to eat. She healed me in one single session and the TMJ hasn’t returned since. The experience was both powerful and gentle. I loved how interactive the session was – how I had to work with her and my own body to unlock all of these tight spots that I never even knew existed. I learned so much about my body and how to take better care of it. It wasn’t just a physical experience either – Torrey’s restorative touch reverberates on a holistic level that stayed with me long after the session. Rolfing Structural Integration is not a temporary relief practice like many bodywork sessions I have tried; this is lasting, healing magic.”     -Araminta David, Denver Colorado

“After experiencing sporadic pain and limited mobility due to injuries and a moderate case of scoliosis I needed not just a quick fix but lasting results. I was lucky to have Torrey in my life to set me back on the right path.  The primary areas of concern were my left ankle, right shoulder, and my left lower back. At times I would see Torrey and would be experiencing serious pain in one of those regions, she was able to find the source of the issue and begin her approach there. Her professional and educated body analysis and questioning proved to be extremely successful. Things that I would never normally be able to articulate she was able to pull out of me just by asking the right way. It amazes me to this day that after a few minutes with Torrey she was able to resolve a pain in my ankle that had been affecting me for 5 years prior. While with Torrey she did a wonderful job of explaining what she was doing and what she needed me to do. She also created an extremely comfortable environment where I could be fully relaxed and receive all the necessary benefits of her treatment. I whole heartedly recommend Torrey Trover for any body work needs. Whether it’s severe/long lasting pain or body maintenance she can and will work wonders!”     -Shaeley Moore, Denver Colorado